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The Honda CRF300L and CRF300 Rally both have 10A, ignition switched, accessory wiring. On the 300L, it's in a rubber shroud behind the headlight and on the 300 Rally it's clipped inside the left fairing. 

This connector is for fitting to the cable of your 12V accessory such as a satnav, spotlights, heated grips or USB charger. (Note that if it's a USB charger, it'll need a converter to drop the bike's 12V battery voltage down to 5V for the USB sockets)

This connector comes pre-wired for connection to your devices. An alternate product, for those who are comfortable with crimping connectors to their own devices cables is also available.

To fit it, you will need to first remove the dustcover. If you would like to see how one was fitted to the Peak Motorcycles Satnav cable, this is the video: